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The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is a state of Western Indies constituted from an archipelago of 700 islands.  You place in the Atlantic ocean, to east of the Florida, to north of Cuba and after all of the Caribbean and to west of the Islands Turks and Caicos.  Mild climate the whole year, with a summer middle temperature of 28°C and a winter that it wanders around the 21/22°C.

Synonymous of “dream destination” the word “Bahamas” it evokes to many serene desert islands, distant from the metropolitan chaos, with long beaches of clear sand bathed by transparent waters, a true heaven on the earth.

Necessary documentation for the entry in the country: passport with residual validity than at least 6 months
Capital: Nassau
Language: English
Arrangement of the State: Constitutional monarchy; Commonwealth
Coin: Dollar Bahama
Measures and Electricity: British System of measure, 220V / 50Hz
Fused schedule: GMT - 5. - 6 hours in comparison to Italy and - 7 when it is in force in Italy the legal time.